Join the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and choirs for an evening of choral music.

X (Dix)

Leap into the unknown and discover the true meaning of home with Côté Danse!

Anne of Green Gables

Playful, colourful and evocative, Ballet Jörgen returns on Valentine’s Day with one of Canada’s most treasured stories, Anne of Green Gables.

Live from the Underworld

A stunning combination of opera and real-time motion capture technology blend together to create a beautiful story of folklore and fantasy!

Tamar Ilana & Ventanas

Tamar Ilana brings powerhouse vocals and stunning flamenco dance to the forefront, while being backed by a six-piece band of the finest world musicians!

FLIP Fabrique’s Blizzard

FLIP Fabrique’s “Blizzard” features a flurry of circus arts and a story that takes you on a poetic and tender journey through the middle of winter!

Best of the Fest – VIMFF

Films with the ultimate display of extreme athleticism, human achievement, and jaw-dropping cinematography!

Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a musical coming of age in 1970s Alberta!


He’s still blood-thirsty, but that doesn’t mean Ballet Victoria’s Dracula is anything like your typical vampire — or your typical ballet!

The McDades

With a fresh take on traditional Celtic tunes, The McDades bring a high-energy kitchen party with a jazzy spin!


In this original storyline, a famous scientist with magic powers brings a friendly dinosaur to life.