Vision: A Fearless Exploration of the Arts

Mission: We champion creativity-infused experiences in the Fraser Valley that allow all artists and audience to pursue diverse ways of exploring the world and our place within it.

Strategic Priorities:

Experience: The Centre will enhance and expand audience and artist experience through programming that reflects innovation, discovery, transformation, and creative reach, while remaining attuned to the needs of an evolving, expanding community.

Engagement: The Centre will seek to understand and reflect the aspirations of its many stakeholders, nurturing inclusive, reciprocal relationships with the City, its artists, individuals, organizations, businesses, and Indigenous residents who are committed to growing a vibrant arts community accessible to everyone.

Sustainability: The Centre will pursue focused resource development – including funding, talent, governance, spaces and systems, and operational capacity – to truly enable the fearless exploration of the arts in our region and improve creative experiences for the benefit of the community.