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Up to 3,255 ft² of event space for up to 500 guests with a fully staffed concession and bar.

Cost, Size, and Capacity are based on whether you want to rent the North Lobby, South Lobby, or both.

Capacity:  up to 150 for the North Lobby and up to 350 for the South Lobby.

Lighting, Stage, and Audio-Visual:  suitable for receptions and galas with capacity for amplified music.

Size: 1,540 ft² to 3,255 ft².

Accessibility:  building is wheelchair accessible.

Rental Cost:  $646 for four (4) hours to $2,172.00 for a full day depending on partial lobby rental / fully lobby rental + additional costs depending on booking requirements and/or as outlined in the 2022/2023 Fees document.


Venue Documents

Canadian Tire Lobby

Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley, the Chilliwack Cultural Centre is a world-class visual and performing arts venue providing the community with a gathering place for creative expression, discovery, imagination, and inspiration on behalf of the city of Chilliwack since opening in 2010.


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