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Whispers of Persia

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$32 – Standard Ticket Price
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$15 – U28 (under 28) Patron Program Rate

Date and Time:
February 6, 2025 – 7:30 pm  BUY TICKETS



An evening filled with Persian tradition with the Ensemble Amir Amiri

Join us for a magical evening as the Ensemble Amir Amiri transports you to the heart of Persia. Through the enchanting sounds of the santur and the vibrant tapestry of classical and contemporary Persian music, Amir Amiri and his ensemble weave a tale of unity and tradition. Experience a journey where ancient melodies meet modern virtuosity in a performance that promises to resonate with the soul. Discover the story behind the strings—this is more than a concert, it’s a cultural dialogue set to the rhythm of Iran’s rich musical heritage. Don’t miss this captivating blend of history and harmony!


Amir Amiri Website


Whispers of Persia