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Lessons in a magical Land – CSOPA JR Collection

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Rotary Hall Studio Theatre

$18 All Seats

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May 15, 2024 – 4:00 pm   BUY TICKETS
May 16, 2024 – 4:00 pm   BUY TICKETS
May 17, 2024 – 4:00 pm   BUY TICKETS



Come enjoy a collection of fairy tale land conundrums, presented by CSOPA’s youngest performers. From misplaced princesses and magical family troubles, to a sly invasion of duck-like proportions, this performance will have you on stage dancing. This jam-packed show features 3 different performances in one ticket from CSOPA’s JR program students ages 8-13.



JR STAGE – A Mixed Up Fairy Tale

CSOPA’s Junior Stage class leaps into a world of fairy tale pandemonium with A Mixed Up Fairy Tale!

The Grimm brothers’ world of fairy tales gets utterly mixed up in this silly one-act. Cinderella is desperately trying to get to the royal ball, but somehow she ends up in everyone else’s story but where she’s supposed to be, while her Fairy Godmother mistakenly sends her on. Collecting dwarves, bears, pigs, and witches along the way she takes them all to the ball and they all share a giant fairy tale party “happily” thereafter! JR Stage is an entry-level acting course for ages 8-11.



JR MUSICAL – What Goes Around Comes Around

CSOPA’s Junior Musical Theatre class takes a fantastical journey full of all sorts of friends, creatures and magical life lessons.

We all have family troubles, but this powerful family of magic users are split right down the middle! As a young princess tries to make a few friends, she ends up meeting the Queenie Meanies, her cousins, and even her auntie Sorceress! Maybe having the family reunion of the century is just what they need to learn a valuable lesson. The Junior Musical Theatre class is an entry-level Musical theatre course for ages 8-11.



JR DEVISED – Quack the Case

The brainchild of all 16 students in the class, CSOPA’s JR Devised program not only authors but performs this magic infused detective case.

A missing lollipop brings an unlikely group together just as a witch teleports their detective home to solve a much bigger (and yellower?) problem than expected. With the aid of a wizard, some goblins and the fairy queen, Detective Dizzy helps set everything to rights. JR Devised is an entry-level theatre and scriptwriting course for ages 9-13.




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Lessons in a magical Land – CSOPA JR Collection