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University of British Columbia Institute for Oceans and Fisheries
Community Salmon Dialogue Season


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University of British Columbia Institute for Oceans and Fisheries


Rotary Hall Studio Theatre

Free admission

Dates & Times
May 23, 2024 – 9:00 am to 12:30 pm



Community Dialogues on Salmon Restoration

The University of British Columbia Institute for Oceans and Fisheries (UBC/IOF) will host Community Salmon Dialogues across British Columbia in April and May to ask for your ideas for strategies and actions that could help restore Pacific Salmon populations.

UBC/IOF will conduct 14 Community Salmon Dialogues across BC seeking input from all community members about the future of Pacific salmon. BC has a diversity of environments and salmon that requires local knowledge to effectively manage the Pacific salmon. This is an independent research study funded by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to seek advice on restoring BC’s Pacific salmon abundance and sustain them under climate change.
The Community Salmon Dialogue meetings welcome anyone who is concerned about the future of Pacific salmon and would like to share their knowledge and listen to others. All meetings will be audio-recorded to enable meeting summaries and ensure accuracy of key points. Recordings will remain confidential, and discussions will not be attributed to individuals. All meeting summaries will be openly available via UBC/IOF web page.

The goal of the project is to foster open communication across all knowledge systems, recognize area-specific needs, and identify priority actions and science gaps. Following community input, a workshop hosted once the meetings are concluded will assess how to restore salmon production and diversity more effectively. UBC will provide a final report to governments, media, and participants in March 2025.

You can find out about our community meeting locations, dates, and times on our Project Website.


Community Salmon Dialogue Season