• Glass Open Studio
    Glass Open Studio
    Monday January 9th, 2017 — December 18th, 2017

    If you’ve got the bug for bead-making but don’t have time for a class, the Glass Open Studio is what you’ve been waiting [...]


  • Clay Open Studio
    Clay Open Studio
    Monday January 9th, 2017 — December 15th, 2017

    Continue your ceramics journey with your own personalized projects in the Clay Open Studio!

    These are non-instructional [...]

    @ Clay Studio

  • Life Drawing Open Studio
    Life Drawing Open Studio
    Wednesday January 11th, 2017 — December 13th, 2017

    Focus on the human form in The Centre’s Life Drawing Open Studio – the best place to perfect your drawing [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio

  • Handicraft-A-Rama
    Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 — May 31st, 2017

    Whatever your preferred medium or handicraft, this Open Studio is the perfect place to grab some you-time and work on a [...]

    @ Red Chair Lounge

  • Create A Cabochon!
    Create A Cabochon!
    Saturday April 29th, 2017

    Create a unique focus piece for a necklace or ring with glass.


    A cabochon is usually a gemstone which has been shaped [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio

  • Glass Beads Level One
    Glass Beads Level One
    Tuesday May 2nd, 2017 — May 23rd, 2017

    Learn how to craft your own beads using flame and glass.

    Create a bead from molten glass using a torch and glass rods. Experiment [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio

  • Watercolour Portraiture
    Watercolour Portraiture
    Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 — June 7th, 2017

    Using watercolour for portraiture can yield amazing results!


    Immortalize a loved one or even yourself in watercolour [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio

  • Wheel a la Carte 4 – Fanciful Teapots
    Wheel a la Carte 4 – Fanciful Teapots
    Thursday May 11th, 2017 — June 8th, 2017

    Registration for each class includes one free drop-in for the Clay Open Studio on Monday nights or Friday mornings. Students with no wheel [...]

    @ Clay Studio

  • Nature Photography
    Nature Photography
    Saturday May 13th, 2017

    Plan ahead and learn what gear to bring when you’re out taking pictures, and how to come home with more than just a record or a postcard shot of [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio

  • Wrapping Cabochon Pendants
    Wrapping Cabochon Pendants
    Saturday June 3rd, 2017

    Wrap a flat glass cabochon pendant in a unique wire setting!


    Learn how to bend and manipulate square and half-round [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio

  • Travel Photography
    Travel Photography
    Saturday June 10th, 2017

    Don’t leave for summer holidays without getting these tips, tricks, and training to get the best shots at home, and abroad.


    Come home [...]

    @ Painting & Drawing Studio