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Remarkable sight lines characterize each and every seat in the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s magnificent 597 seat HUB International theatre. Luxurious, yet intimate, with simple elegant architecture and a world-class stage, every performance promises to be an exciting and exhilarating experience.

Each seat you acquire with your $500 gift to the Chilliwack Arts & Culture Centre Society will give you the rare privilege of being connected with the cultural excellence to take place on stage.

Your seat’s chair arm will feature your name or the name of a friend or loved one you want to honor or memorialize in a beautiful laser engraved script.

Donors will receive a tax receipt for 100% of the donation made payable to the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society.

Now is the time to consider this opportunity and the impact you can have on the many lives involved with the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Sponsoring a seat provides you with the opportunity to become involved with this exciting place. We welcome any inquiries and look forward to being in contact.

Download our Take Your Seat! donation form here and fax the completed form to 604.392.8001, or call 604.392.8000 to donate over the phone.


Thank you to the generous supporters:

James Arundel
Ron Blessin
John Blessin
Julie Brown
Michael Cade
Jayson Catalfamo
Chilliwack Academy of Music
Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society
Allen L. Clapp
Pat Clark
Neil Clark
Marian J. Dyck
L. Wayne Dyck
Reg T. Esau
F.G. Leary Fine Arts
Pamela George
Elaine E. Halladay
Clint Hames
Laura Hames
Pauline Harms
Bob Henderson
Judy Hill
Yvette & Glenn Howard
Karen Ireland
Kenneth B. Jessiman
Dorothy A. Johnston
Sally Jones
Ralph Jones
William Kelly
Darlene Koller
Dorothy N. Kostrzewa
Graham Lacey
Patti Lawn
Eva Lock
Joseph L. Meeres
Marie Mertler
Shane Monkman
Chad G. Northcott
Betty-Lou Patience
Sam Petkau
Andrew Purdy
Carol A. Purdy
Alyson Seale
George Shaw
Christine Shaw
Nora M. Squires
Joy E. St. John
Dave H. Stephen
Jo Tymoschuk
Ron Wesman

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