88 Key Club

Raising funds for the Ron Goldfinch Piano

A vision for a new, world-class facility began over a decade ago and it was spurred on by a committee commissioned by Chilliwack’s City Council. Ron Goldfinch was a Director on the Board for the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society and was known for his strong support for arts and culture, believing in its potential and positive impact. While Ron was still with us, he envisioned a fundraiser for a concert grand piano by having community members sponsor the purchase. The 88 Key Club is in place to realize Ron’s vision to enable powerful performances sure to captivate audiences in The Centre’s theatres.

To acknowledge your generous donation with The 88 Key Club, your name will be featured in permanent recognition in The Centre’s lobby–the entrance to opportunities such as voice coaching, weaving classes, and world-renowned performances. Each donor will receive a  tax receipt for 100% of donations made payable to the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society.

Download The 88 Key Club donation form here and once completed, please fax the form to 604.392.8001 or call 604.391.7463 to find more information or donate over the phone through the box office.


Thank you to our generous supporters:

Andy & Carol Purdy

Anne-Marie Blessin

Audrey E. Goldfinch

Betty-Lou Patience


Birchm & Mary Van Horne

Brad Whittaker & Kim Issac

Carol M. Tichelman

Charlie & Mary Young

Chilliwack Rotary

Craig & Nicole Barton

Dave H. Stephen

Doug Wickers

Douglas Higginson

Dr. Archie & Bea Young

Dr. Ron & Mary Macleod

Elaine P. Patten

Eva Lock

Fred Hails

Gwyneth Jones

Harry & Cathy Mertin


In Memory of Betty Meagher

Irmi C. Teichrob

Jennifer Brooks

Jim & Maureen Gilbert

John & Carol Blessin

John E. Wilford

John L. Harper

Kathleen Fraser

Ken & Nora Humphrey

Kevin Mindel

Lions Music/Dance Festival

L. Wayne Dyck

Marian J. Dyck

Marie D. Goldfinch

Marilyn J. Lindahl

Nicklom Conlin & Company

Nita Pelletier

Pamela M. George

Pat L. Clark

Sam C. Dunbar

Sidney M. Harper

Stan & Anita Rogers

The Friday Round Table

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