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The Chilliwack Cultural Centre produces a spectacular mix of local, provincial, national, and international performances in our theatres. We feature the very best of community and professional performers, working to present an eclectic mix of artists, acts, and ensembles from across all art forms. From music and dance to theatre and the interdisciplinary works that are fueling the performing arts here and around the world, we seek to enhance, expand, and electrify the creative vitality of Chilliwack.

Show Sponsorship ensures that this creative vitality is able to grow, develop, and flourish. To that end, the Chilliwack Cultural Centre is committed to ensuring artists and their work are properly and appropriately valued – more so now post COVID as we gear up to once again come together as community to celebrate the performing arts. Many artists and arts groups suffered extensively over the past two years impressing upon all of us the need to ensure artists have the tools and resources they need to dream, create, develop, and contribute to the creative economy of Chilliwack and beyond.

Your Sponsorship contribution to one or more of the Cultural Centre’s shows directly supports the artists and their creative work while simultaneously allowing us to ignite and fuel the flames of a cultural renaissance for Chilliwack – a renaissance we are proud to enhance, expand, and electrify.

Please consider sponsoring one of our many shows, Jean-Louis Bleau, Executive Director



The Chilliwack Cultural Centre is Chilliwack’s very own home for the arts hosting a mix of local, national, and international performances, providing thrilling entertainment, drawing audiences not only from the City of Chilliwack, but also from across the province and across the country. The grand 65,000 square-foot building houses the beautiful 575 seat HUB International Theatre, the versatile 160 seat Rotary Hall Theatre, the stunning O’Connor Group Art Gallery, 20 music studios, and five art and performance studios where creativity flourishes!

Partnerships in the Chilliwack Cultural Centre include: The Chilliwack Academy of Music, The Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society, The Chilliwack Players Guild, The Chilliwack School of Performing Arts, The Chilliwack Music and Dance Festival, The Chilliwack Visual Artists Association, and The City of Chilliwack.

Vision Statement

To engage and inspire by providing access to quality diverse visual and performing arts, thereby enriching the quality of life in Chilliwack.




Presenting Sponsor – $2,500

  • Prominent logo placement
  • Opportunity to display your company’s standing banner in theatre lobby night of the show
  • Name and logo on all future publicity materials created by the Chilliwack Cultural Centre following
  • completion of sponsorship funding agreement (except season brochures)
  • Exclusive top billing introduction from the stage prior to the show start
  • Twelve tickets for your sponsored show
  • Ticket variety package; two tickets each for five selected shows

Gold Level Sponsor – $1,500

  • Name and logo on all future publicity materials created by the Chilliwack Cultural Centre following completion of sponsorship funding agreement (except season brochures)
  • Inclusion in the thank-you speech from the stage prior to the show start
  • Six tickets or your sponsored show
  • Ticket variety package; two tickets each for four selected shows

Silver Level Sponsor – $1,000

  • Name and logo on all future publicity materials created by the Chilliwack Cultural Centre following completion of sponsorship funding agreement (except season brochures)
  • Inclusion in the thank-you speech from the stage prior to the show start
  • Two tickets for your sponsored show
  • Ticket variety package; two tickets each for three selected shows

Bronze Level Sponsor – $500

  • Name and logo on all future publicity materials created by the Chilliwack Cultural Centre following completion of sponsorship funding agreement (except season brochures)
  • Inclusion in the thank-you speech from the stage, prior to the show start
  • Four tickets to your sponsored show



With an amazing twenty-five shows for the 2022/23 season lineup, there are numerous opportunities for you to sponsor!


Proximity: A Collection of Short Works

December 2, 2022 • Dance Series
BC dance artist Joshua Beamish brings together a program of thrilling contemporary dance pieces showcasing exceptional choreography and performance in Proximity! Full of authenticity, an explosion of energy and technical precision, prolific British Columbia dancer Joshua Beamish brings forth a joyous collection of dances. The program will feature two of his creations, a solo called Lost Touch performed by Renee Sigouin of Kidd Pivot and OutInnerspace Dance theatre, and Proximity performed by Sigouin and Beamish. In addition, Proximity will also include two solos, one by Ballet BC’s Kirsten Wicklund and another by acclaimed international choreographer Annabelle Lopez Oschoa, which Beamish performs with unrestrained elegance.

Lisa Brokop’s Classic Country Christmas

December 10, 2022 • Music Series
Ring in the holiday season with Lisa Brokop and a night of Christmas music! The enduring and endearing Lisa Brokop returns to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre and she is bringing Christmas cheer with her! Over a successful career spanning more than two decades, Lisa Brokop has consolidated her position as one of North America’s most recognizable country musician. Over the years, Lisa has collected holiday songs that have meant the most to her, and she’ll be sharing them with you. This warm evening, full of joy and peace, will leave you filled with the spirit of the season!

Winter Harp

December 14, 2022 • Music Series
Breathtaking backdrops, costumes, and ancient rare instruments makes Winter Harp one of the most hauntingly beautiful concerts you’ll ever attend! Embodying the spirit of Christmas, Winter Harp is a captivating blend of medieval splendour and dazzling music. Be transported to a magical world with magnificent aesthetics, the performer’s luxurious medieval attire, and beautifully hand-carved instruments. Through the mixture of well-loved carols, Winter Harp is an enthralling experience that will once again bring the beautiful and tranquil heart of winter.

A Celtic Christmas

December 17, 2022 • Music Series
Feel the holiday spirit with A Celtic Christmas featuring the North Shore Celtic Ensemble! The North Shore Celtic Ensemble invites you to join them for a spirited and heartwarming Celtic Christmas! In their very own West Coast Celtic style, the NSCE will share stunning arrangements, evocative songs and captivating fiddle music that will carry you right into the holiday spirit. This lively blend of strings, wind instruments and percussion will put an unforgettable spin on your Christmas season.

A Zaniac Christmas

December 18, 2022 • Kids Series
Zany, funny and magical, Alex Zerbe will have you laughing just as loud as your kids! Alex Zerbe, the Professional Zaniac moves like a rubber band from one end of the stage to the other in this Christmas extravaganza as he returns to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre! Having been cracking jokes on stage for over fifteen years, Alex Zerbe’s shows zigzag between a comedic onslaught of absurd ideas and odd skills.

Bria Skonberg

December 23, 2022 • Music Series
With bold horn melodies and sultry vocals, Chilliwack’s own Bria Skonberg returns to her hometown! New York City based Juno award winning jazz trumpeter and vocalist Bria Skonberg returns to her beloved hometown to perform songs inspired by the holidays, along with classics and original tunes, celebrating togetherness and reconnecting with her roots in the post-pandemic era. A force in the new music scene with her bold horn melodies, smoky vocals, and adventurous concoctions of classical and new music. Bria Skonberg is set to be a fabulous evening as Bria show you why she’s known as one of the most adventurous of trailblazing trumpeters!

Molly’s Comedy Cabaret

January 27, 2023 • Comedy Series
A splash of comedy, a shot of zaniness and a large pour of your favourite songs, Molly’s Comedy Cabaret is deliciously funny! The explosive talent of Chilliwack’s own Molly Wilson takes over The Centre with a musical variety show that is guaranteed to leave you smiling. Featuring Molly’s powerhouse vocals, this cabaret show is filled with sketch comedy and your favourite songs from Broadway, pop, rock and Motown. Molly even welcomes celebrity guest stars, like the unforgettable “Bearbra Streisand” to share the stage with her. Along the way, you will encounter one-of-kind props, funny and endearing stories and impromptu visits from some very special guest stars. It’s silly, it’s zany and it’s a whole lot of fun!

The Comic Strippers

February 10, 2023 • Comedy Series
They’re Outrageous, They’re “Sexy” and They’re Back –The Comic Strippers! There’s no night with a bunch of shirtless guys quite like The Comic Strippers show, as these comedians try to be sexy, but it just comes out funny! This fake stripper troop will be gyrating their way through the Chilliwack Cultural Centre once again in an unforgettable night of hysterical laughter! WARNING: No extreme nudity, just extreme hilarity! A Show for All Genders… 19+ Only

Bergmann Duo – Concertango!

February 10, 2023 • Classical Music Series
The energetic Borealis String Quartet joins the Bergmann Duo for a stunning afternoon program. Classic piano compositions get juxtaposed with tangos when the Borealis String Quartet performs alongside the beloved Bergmann Duo. With a programme that includes Bach’s Concerto for 2 keyboards in C major, as well as tangos by composers such as Gardel and Piazzolla, this afternoon concert is sure to delight and inspire!


February 14, 2023 • Dance Series
Be enchanted and dazzled this Valentine’s Day with Ballet Jörgen’s Cinderella! One of the most beloved and classic fairy tales takes on new life as Ballet Jörgen balances Russian traditions with a contemporary breath. This ballet by Bengt Jörgen is an innovative take on the classic fairy tale. Jörgen’s choreography balances the fairy tale elements of the story with a contemporary treatment of Cinderella and her family relationships.

Beauty and the Beast

February 20, 2023 • Kids Series
DuffleBag Theatre creates a hilarious twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast! The “Nearly World Famous” DuffleBag Theatre returns for a fun-filled and hilarious show! When a handsome but arrogant prince insults a mysterious old woman who appears at his door one rainy night, he finds himself magically transformed into a “horrible, nasty Beast”! The spell can only be broken when he learns to love another more than he loves himself.


February 23, 2023 • Music Series
Genuine, vulnerable, and connected by land, Diyet & The Love Soldiers share music like you’ve never heard before. Having spent her childhood on the ancestral lands of the Klaune First Nation people in Canada’s Yukon Territory, Diyet’s strong connection to a family rooted in tradition winds around her music. Weaving it together with her sense of adventure and hippie attitude, Diyet has created a music presence that is as diverse as her Southern Tutchone, Tlingit, Japanese and Scottish Heritage.

Chris Funk: The Wonderist

March 10, 2023 • Magic Series
Experience the thrill of live magic and music with Chilliwack’s own Chris Funk – The Wonderist! Take astonishing acts of magic, a violin concerto, a guitar loop recorded live on stage, and then add in the delightfully charismatic personality of Chris Funk and you have The Wonderist. Appearing on some of the largest television shows in the world, he has stunned audiences on America’s Got Talent, Fool Us and Masters of Illusions.

Juliet: A Revenge Comedy

March 11, 2023 • Theatre Series
What if Juliet doesn’t kill herself? Shakespeare’s fierce femme characters begin an adventure to discover if they can alter their fate, gaining agency over their lives from the Bard’s sharp and sexist quill. Juliet joins a bevy of Shakespeare’s Suicide Girls in this time-shifting, mind-bending show and finds herself in the company of a fearsome Lady Macbeth, a flighty Ophelia, a sexy Cleopatra, and more, as they dance between classic Shakespeare and saucy modern-day dialogue.

Billy Bishop Goes to War

March 31, 2023 • Theatre Series
Billy Bishop takes to the skies once again! From feats of daring down into the trenches to flying up to the skies, through the halls of Buckingham Palace, to inside the human spirit, Billy Bishop Goes to War follows the incredible adventures of Canada’s greatest World War 1 flying ace. ACE Productions has brought a fresh interpretation to one of Canada’s most enduring plays, making this musical so full of humour, hellfire, and the boldness of an extraordinary career of this military hero.


April 1, 2023 • Film Series
Discover what’s in our own back yard with the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Best of Fest Tour! An extravaganza of high-octane, jaw-dropping cinematography the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival – Best of the Fest Tour blends a love of adventure with pioneering film-making bringing us a night packed with energy, exploration, and some seriously amazing athleticism.

Bergmann Duo – Bowed, Plucked, and Strummed

April 14, 2023 • Classical Music Series
Dazzling pianists the Bergmann Duo are joined by ukulele virtuoso, James Hill and cellist Anne Janelle! Ukulele virtuoso, James Hill and his wife, cellist Anne Janelle join the Bergmann’s for a cross-collaboration and delightful programme that pulls works from their classical, folk, and contemporary repertoire. The programme will include some original works that will bring an interesting twist and flavour to this unique combination of instruments.

Curtis ClearSky and the Constellationz

April 21, 2023 • Music Series
Funky rhythms, soulful harmonies and uplifting lyrics, Curtis ClearSky and the Constellationz arrive in Chilliwack! Funky rhythms drive the soul and move the body, as Curtis ClearSky and the Constellationz provide energetic music that is full of unity and joy. The conscious lyrical chants excite positive affirmation. The female harmonies are a soothing healing force of energy. The Latin percussion and break beat rhythms are rock steady. Curtis ClearSky and the Constellationz are indigenous funk like you’ve never heard before!


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