Christine Camilleri

Christine Camilleri
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Christine Camilleri, AFCA, MPAC EP, IAPS M/C works in pastels, acrylics and oils.  Her paintings are known for their bold use of color and design. She enjoys landscape, seascape and wildlife paintings.

She has received over a dozen awards, had paintings exhibited internationally and was a finalist for her bison painting “Summer Pastures” in The Artist’s Magazine’s 26th Annual Art Competition. In December 2016 she was featured in a Pastel Journal article, “Artists to Watch”.

“Painting is my happy place:  working out compositions, designing, choosing the colours, getting the paints out, what a great way to spend many hours!”

Her other passion is teaching art and helping others learn how to paint successfully.

She lives in Chilliwack, BC and travels extensively for art inspiration.

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