Fees – HUB International Theatre – 2022

There are five areas of cost when renting one of the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s theatres:

There are discounts available for Non Local not for profit groups and Chilliwack not for profit groups. The components that can be discounted are marked in BLUE. Please contact Theresia Reid, the Rentals Manager, for more information. (604-392-8000 or [email protected])

Please note that our rates will experience a 2% increase at the beginning of every calendar year.

The first area of cost is the BASE RENT

  • The base rent is $1,309.00 or 10% of the FULL GROSS ticket sales whichever is greater.
  • Note that some services are GST applicable

The Second area of cost is the FACILITY FEE

  • $1.80 per attendee with tickets over $12.50
  • $1.20 per attendee with tickets $12.50 and under (this includes non-ticketed events)

What is included with your rental:

  • Rental of the theatre for 24 hours – Midnight to midnight
    • any time you or anyone from your group are in the theatre our Technical Director or Technician must also be present
  • One (or two for commercial rental) Technician is included with your rental for seven hours (preferred to be broken into two shifts)
  • The seven hours of work, plus ½ hour lunch break and two 15 minute coffee breaks make one standard eight hour day.
  • After the seven hours, by law we must pay our  Technicians at an overtime rate, and that cost will be passed on to you at $63 per hour.
  • A meal break must be called for our staff after 4 hours, and all of your people must leave the theatre for this break. If a meal break is not able to be arranged, then you will be charged a $40.00 meal penalty.
  • The rental period begins when our technicians commence work to prepare for your show and ends when the theatre has been restored to its pre-show condition and the technicians have left the building.
  • The rental also includes access to all our equipment designed for use in your particular theatre  lighting, sound, soft goods, chairs, tables, risers, etc.
  • This is however limited to the equipment designed for use on stage  you may not borrow office, dressing room, or green room furniture, or the fridge or stove for use onstage
  • Some equipment, although included in the rental will involve a consumable product which will need to be replaced after your show. We will pass this replacement cost back onto you. These include things like fees for fog or hazer fluid, or batteries for cordless microphones. A $15.00 fee will also be charged if you use a table cloth which needs to be dry cleaned after use.
  • The concert grand piano is currently the one piece of equipment for which an additional rental is charged. The cost of this is $50.00.
  • The rental also includes a Guest Services Team, which will consist of up to 15 volunteer Ushers, Ticket Takers, Programme Ushers, Bar and Concession Staff, Coat Check Staff, for up to four hours.
  • The Guest Services shift is four hours long and commences one hour prior to the performance start time.
  • If the performance component of your rental is more than four hours, then Additional Guest Services shifts will be required and you will be charged an additional $120 fee for each full or part four hour block.
  • The rental will also include a Promotions package which includes
    • A mention in our email newsletter which comes out every two weeks, starting once your tickets go on sale
    • A blurb in our email newsletter (two issues prior to the event)
    • A web page on our website with a link to online ticket sales
    • A listing on our website “upcoming events” page with a link to your page on our website
    • Banner advertising on our website – Linked to your page on our site
    • We will put up to two of your posters for your event, one in our box office and one in the South Lobby (once tickets are on sale – Maximum size: 12″x18″  ticketed shows only)
    • Access to our postering staff to put your posters up around town (at a cost to the renter $1.00 per poster)
    • Access to our Marketing Manager who can advise you on your promotion
    • Access to our online media contacts database

The third area of cost is the WORK ORDER

  • The work order includes any additional costs above those agreed to in the contract.

The Work Order includes, but is not limited to:

  • Technical Director’s overtime, at $63.00 per hour
  • Additional Front-of-House calls, at $120.00 per four-hour call
  • Trained crew as required rated at $26.00 per hour per person. Minimum call is four hours, overtime rated at $39.00
  • Any equipment rented to accommodate the needs of the licensee
  • Any supplies purchased to accommodate the needs of the licensee
  • Rental fee for use of a Piano
  • Tuning fee for the piano, if you request to have it tuned
  • Electrical tie-in/out fees, if needed to power your equipment
  • $5 replacement charge for consumed fluid for the Fog Machine or Hazer
  • $2.50 per cordless microphone – battery replacement fee
  • $50.00 tape charge for use of the dance floor
  • $120.00 charge for cleanup of confetti, glitter, and hay
  • $300.00 charge for no intermission
  • The bottom line is that it is all costs for items you ask us to provide. You will be asked to sign off on this before your rental begins so that you are assured of no nasty surprises at the end of the evening. If you don’t want to pay for something, you simply remove it from the work order before we begin, and then we do not provide that item or service.

The fourth area of cost is the TICKET AGENT FEES:

  • All ticketed events that take place at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre MUST be ticketed through the Centre Box Office
  • You will be charged a ticket agent fee of $4.40 per sold ticket.
  • There is an additional credit card recovery fee of 2.5% for purchases that your patrons make using Visa, MasterCard, or Centre Box Office gift certificates, and a $.20 per ticket charge for those tickets purchased by debit.
  • Ticket buyers will not be charged any additional fees for any other services the price you advertise will be the price they pay no extra charges for phone orders, on-line purchases, or printing their tickets at home. The only exception to this is that they will be charged a $1 mailing fee if they request to have their tickets mailed to them in advance of your show

The fifth area of cost is INSURANCE:

Note: this will not cost you anything as long your business, group or organization already holds insurance. Your insurance provider should give you this certificate at no charge.
• You will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of Two Million Dollars liability that lists the following as Additional Insureds:
o City of Chilliwack
o Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society


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