Studio Theatre: 160 stacking chairs on telescoping platforms in end-stage layout. Other flat floor layouts are possible.

Stage Floor is a 1 ½” thick plywood floor with a flat black linoleum surface.

The entire stage floor including wings is sprung.

Any screwing or fastening into or painting of the stage floor is not permitted.


Front Row to back curtain 31 feet

Front Row to back wall 35 feet 8 inches

Riser Stair to back curtain 35 feet

Riser Stair to back wall 40 feet inches

Booth wall to back curtain 59 feet 5 inches

Booth wall to back wall 64 feet 1inches

Width curtain to curtain 39 feet

Width wall to wall 48 feet 7 inches

Curtain to side wall 4 feet 6 inches

Curtain to back wall 4 feet 8 inches

Height of Catwalk 14 feet

Grid Height 20 feet 7 ½ inches



Allen & Heath GL 2400-432 Live Mixing Console

2 JBL Control 2PS near field Monitors

2 Meyer UPJ-1P (House Left and Right, flexible orientation)

2 Meyer USW-1P  (Subwoofers, flexible orientation)


8 channels of amplification for monitors (425W @ 8 ohms per channel) (4 QSC CX702)


Portable Equipment rack with:

1 Tascam A-700 CD/Cassette deck

1 Tascam CD-RW901SL CD player/recorder

2 Lexicon MX300 Audio Effects Devices

2 BSS FCS 960 Dual 30 band graphic Equalizers

Stage Management Console with Intercom Remote Station, Paging mic, DSP remote control.


Shared Loose Equipment:

2 EV Xw12A Portable Stage Monitors

4 Shure SM-81 Condenser Microphone

4 Shure Beta 58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

2 Radial J48 Active DI box

2 Radial JDI Passive DI box

4 K&M black boom mic stands

4 K&M black straight mic stands


All video system components future


1 Personnel Lift Genie AWP-25AC

DRESSING ROOMS (two rooms included with rental)

2 Chorus Dressing Rooms with 20 positions

2 Dressing Rooms with 6 positions

1 Solo Dressing Room

2 Principal Dressing Rooms


2 loading bays c/w hydraulic loading ramps capable of accommodating highway tractor/trailer combinations, large and small delivery vehicles

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