Studio Theatre: 164 (4 reserved for ushers) stacking chairs on telescoping platforms in end-stage layout. Other flat floor layouts are possible.

Stage Floor is a 1 ½” thick plywood floor with a flat black linoleum surface.

The entire stage floor including wings is sprung.

Any screwing or fastening into or painting of the stage floor is not permitted.


Front Row to back curtain       31 feet

Front Row to back wall            35 feet 8 inches

Riser Stair to back curtain       35 feet

Riser Stair to back wall            40 feet inches

Booth wall to back curtain       59 feet 5 inches

Booth wall to back wall            64 feet 1inches

Width curtain to curtain          39 feet

Width wall to wall                     48 feet 7 inches

Curtain to side wall                   4 feet 6 inches

Curtain to back wall                  4 feet 8 inches

Height of Catwalk                     14 feet

Grid Height                                20 feet 7 ½ inches



Beringer X32 Digital Console

2 JBL Control 2PS near field Monitors

2 Meyer UPJ-1P (House Left and Right, flexible orientation)

8 channels of amplification for monitors (425W @ 8 ohms per channel) (4 QSC CX702)

Portable Equipment rack with:

1 Tascam A-700 CD/Cassette deck

1 Tascam CD-RW901SL CD player/recorder

2 Lexicon MX300 Audio Effects Devices

2 DBX 2231, 31 Band Dual Equalizers


Shared Loose Equipment:

4 JBL SRX 712 Passive Stage Monitors

2 DB FM12 Active Stage Monitors

2 Yorkville Nx35 Passive Stage Monitors

4 Shure SM-81 Condenser Microphones

2 Audio Technica AE 5100 Condenser Microphones

2 AKG C1000 Condenser Microphones

4 Shure Beta 58 Dynamic Vocal Microphones

2 Shure Beta 57 Dynamic Instrument Microphones

2 Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphones

2 AKG D112 Kick Drum Microphones

1 Shure PG Drum Mic Kit

2 Shure PG81 Overhead Microphones

3 Shure PG56 Tom Microphones

1 Shure PG52 Kick Microphones

2 Radial J48 Active DI box

2 Radial JDI Passive DI box

2 Passive DI box

1 Behringer Active DI box

11 Tall black mic Stands [8 Long Boom/3 Short Boom]

7 Tall silver mic stands [4 Long Boom/3 Short Boom]

4 Short black mic stand – Short Booms

3 Short silver mic stand [2 Long Boom/1 Short Boom]

5 Straight black round base mic stands

10 Table top mic stands

4 AT 4000 Series Receivers

4 AT T4100 Hand Held Wireless Microphones

20 Sennheiser EM300G3 Series Receivers

20 Sennheiser SK300G3 wireless lapel mics

20 Sennheiser MKE 2-ew-3 Gold beige coloured wireless mics

2 50 ft. 6 Ch. Stage Flea Sub Snakes

1 75 ft. 12 Ch. Stage Flea Sub Snake

1 100 ft. 16 Ch.  BRTB “Viper” Sub Snake



1 Edson Projector in Rotary Hall



1 Personnel Scissor Lift – Genie 26ft

24, 3’x6’ Wenger Stage Platforms

13, 4’x8’ Wenger Stage Platforms

96, Wenger 8” Legs

96, Wenger 16” Legs

96, Wenger 24” Legs

96, Wenger 32” Legs

Clear Plastic Crystal Beaded Curtain in 12 panels, Approx. 20’ h x 35’ w

Clear Plastic Crystal circular Chandelier

Off-White Sheer Drapes, Weighted & Unweighted Panels totaling Approx 80’ Wide


DRESSING ROOMS (two rooms included with rental)

2 Chorus Dressing Rooms with 17 positions

2 Dressing Rooms with 6 positions

1 Solo Dressing Room

2 Principal Dressing Rooms



2 loading bays:

1 c/w hydraulic loading ramps capable of accommodating highway tractor/trailer combinations, large and small delivery vehicles

 1 at grade

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