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Mystery in Pimlico - Radio Play Series

A Special Event
Mystery in Pimlico - Radio Play Series

Rotary Hall Studio Theatre
@ Chilliwack Cultural Centre

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This BBC Radio Play, by Austin Stone, was originally broadcast live on Thursday May 8th 1952 at the BBC Midland Home Service. This ‘true crime’ play was based on the famous Pimlico Poisoning death in 1886 of Thomas Edwin Bartlett, possibly at the hands of his wife Adelaide!

Adelaide Blanche de la Tremoille (played by famous English actress Mary Wimbush) was born in 1855 France. She was encouraged by her husband Edwin to openly engage in romantic acts with Wesleyan Reverend George Dyson, who was also charged with Adelaide in the poisoning death of Edwin. He provided the larger quantities of liquid chloroform, than had been proscribed by Dr.Leach for an on-going illness!

At trial, Adelaide was defended by Sir Edward Clarke (originally played by well-known English actor Geoffrey Lewis), who suggested that Edwin Bartlett had committed suicide, which led to an acquittal. The play gives background to the ‘mystery‘ and proceeds to the trial itself.  This is the third presentation in the Chilliwack Players Guild’s Radio Play series. The CPG would like to thank Ed Stone, Austin Stone’s son, for allowing us to present his father’s work.

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