Chilliwack Visual Artists Association presents

Drawn to Clay

A Gallery Exhibit
Drawn to Clay

O'Connor Group Art Gallery

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday - Noon to 5:00 pm.


Free Admission

Date & Time:

December 3, 2021 - January 7, 2022


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DRAWN TO CLAY is an exhibition of Ted Driediger’s fifty-year journey “living the dream.”

“I believe that freedom to explore encourages artistic growth; out of old ideas new ideas are hatched and developed. Moving on from market trends, my work has transitioned from functional to expressive. It has evolved in line, form, colour, and scale, from one medium – clay – to multiple media including paint, pastels, pen, and ink.”

“Throwing at my wheel is where I have always been the most comfortable. Lately, I have felt more freedom to take greater risks and experiment in hand building. Also, my lifelong interest in drawing has been renewed although reaching into new territory for me – Plein Air and Life Drawing. I enjoy sitting outdoors, focusing on a grove of trees, proud heritage structures, or a rail fence; and line by line bringing to life my interpretation on paper.”

“Why do I want to do, what I do? Why do children enjoy creating mud pies or making ‘stuff’? Is it just play? Or could it be an inherent desire to make something that is pleasing to the eye and senses? Whatever it is, I have always, and still do, love the art of making. I consider my work a success if it communicates this love to those who see it.”

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