The Chilliwack Visual Artists present

Crossroads presents the artworks by Karlie Norrish McChesney

A Gallery Exhibit
Crossroads presents the artworks by Karlie Norrish McChesney
Date & Time:

October 10 to November 16, 2019

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday noon to 5:00pm


@ Chilliwack Cultural Centre , @ O' Connor Group Art Gallery


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Free admission

Karlie’s art making frequently explores her love of perspective and structural form.  Her art practice requires much measuring, calculating and arranging of colour, so much so that her work is a form of puzzle solving. Her preferred medium is fibre in the form of stitched textiles with an element of mixed media applied to the surface or standing as an installation accompanying the 2D work; these materials include paint, paper, plastic, metal, clay, and/or wood.

This body of work is her response to a time of great change in her life, where many decisions were required. All the pieces of work contain a path representing the choices a person has available to them and a container representing the restrictions or parameters that influence the decision making process.

Karlie is a retired art teacher from the Chilliwack School District.  She is an active member in SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Association), FAN (Fibre Art Network) and in the CVAA (Chilliwack Visual Artists Association).

This is Karlie’s first solo exhibition and she is very excited to share it with you. She invites everyone to join her at the Opening Reception on October 12, 2019 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm in the O’Connor Group Art Gallery.


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