Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society presents

Bowed, Plucked, and Strummed

Classic Music Series
Bowed, Plucked, and Strummed

Rotary Hall Studio Theatre
@ Chilliwack Cultural Centre

All Seats $29
Date & Time:

April 14, 2023 - 2:00 PM Buy Now »


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Dazzling pianists the Bergmann Duo are joined by ukulele virtuoso, James Hill and cellist Anne Janelle for a concert full of energy and intensity!

Blending the sounds of the ukulele, cello, and piano, the Bergmann’s are joined by husband and wife duo James Hill and Anne Janelle, in an innovative programme that includes works from the classical, folk, and contemporary repertoire.

Ukulele virtuoso, James Hill and his wife, cellist Anne Janelle join the Bergmann’s for a cross-collaboration and delightful programme that pulls works from their classical, folk, and contemporary repertoire. The programme will include some original works that will bring an interesting twist and flavour to this unique combination of instruments.

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