Writer’s Workshop Wednesdays

Writer’s Workshop Wednesdays
Date & Time:

Session 1: Wednesday September 21, 2022 - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Just Peachy Sugaring Salon Arts & Crafts Studio
@ Chilliwack Cultural Centre


Adults • All Levels

Looking for another set of eyes on your short story? Not sure how to give that scene more pop?

A slice of time where budding writers can come in with their current work (fiction) and receive feedback from the instructor and fellow writers. Each student will be placed in a group where they will share their work and read others’ work. Plus, each student will get independent time with the instructor, who will carefully read a section of their writing and give honest, constructive criticism on plot, character, writing style, sentence structure, and more. They will also be available as an advisor of sorts, able to answer any writing-related question to the best of their ability.




Abrianna Leaming
Abrianna Leaming is a local author with a Bachelor in Creative Writing.  Her novel writing is imbued with her passion for exhilarating stories that are set in worlds that captivate. Her books have been exuberantly received, and she’s diligently working on her next project, a standalone novel set in a young world presided by very old gods.

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