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Emil Anderson presents
Live from the Underworld

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Emil Anderson presents


HUB International Theatre
$39 – Standard Ticket Price
15% Off – Joy Years (55+)
$15 Ticket – U28 (16 to 28)

Dates & Times
February 3, 2024 –7:30 pm   BUY TICKETS


A stunning combination of opera and real-time motion capture technology blend together to create a beautiful story of folklore and fantasy!

Using computer-generated sets and avatars brought to life by a collaboration of opera, dance, hip-hop and video game professionals, Live from the Underworld brings one of the most famous Greek myths to life! Audiences can experience a hybrid stage adaption of a story told through real-time motion capture and projections. In this enchanting performance with live opera singers, Eurydice encounters the spirit farer of the underworld, Charon, and must make the decision to either reclaim her heritage or reconnect with the man she loved, Orpheus. Join Eurydice and Charon as they journey through the luminescent caverns of the underworld, against a musical backdrop that combines operatic singing with hip-hop beats.


Includes: Eurydice Fragments – A trans story

Eurydice Fragments is the story of a person who journeys in time and space to integrate aspects of themselves that have been suppressed, repressed, or condemned. Set in a steampunk queerbar called ‘The Styx’, & full of immersive and interactive technologies, it is a next-level opera experience — and a trans story with cosmological dimensions.



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Live from the Underworld