Painting and Drawing Instructors:

Dan Berube – Light and our perception of it are at the core of Dan’s work.  His brilliant watercolours are both spontaneous and detailed in their depiction of light. His commissioned pieces are highly prized by collectors for their detail and accuracy. He enjoys instructing people of all ages in Art. 

Rosie Laponder

Pat Gerlach –

Darryl Funk – He is a Canadian artist who studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta and the Center for Arts and Technology, Okanagan in Kelowna, BC.  Darryl has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in printmaking.

Erinlea Light –

Colin Hoffman –


Photography Instructor:

Vickie Legere – Producing photographs for the pleasure of creative expression and the capture of fleeting moments of time; memories in the making! Vickie has a deep rooted & spiritual passion for the environment we live in and photography is the tool she uses to express & share that passion.


Glass & Wire Instructors:

Alicia Champ – The daughter of a Navy Officer and a self-proclaimed Hippie it was just natural for Alicia to grow up creative. She paints with glass and ties knots with wire, creating her own unique and distinctive style.

Ania Kyte – A glass lampwork bead artisan (which means that she uses a torch flame to melt glass and make artglass beads) and owner of Turtle Beads Studio.

Vicki Urbich –

Carla Swope She has impeccable high-quality craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail and has participated in many juried art shows, community craft shows, markets and events. Carla teaches jewelry design as an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, as well as with local arts councils, community centers and schools.


Clay Instructors:

Jake Stelpstra –

Mairi Lippa –

Marilyn McDonald –

Danielle Rigden –


Fibre Arts Instructors:

Mellissa Kimberley –

Sidrah Ahmad –


Henna Instructor:

Sidrah Ahmad –


Performance Instructor:

Annie-Claude Perrault –


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