Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society presents

We Now Know – The Complete History of Science

Kids Series
We Now Know – The Complete History of Science
Date & Time:

March 24, 2019


@ Chilliwack Cultural Centre , @ HUB International Theatre


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Moldy bread gave us penicillin, Archimedes took a bath, Newton had a penchant for apples, and as a result of these commonplace things, we now know!

We Now Know: The Complete History of Science is a one-hour rapid-fire comedy for young audiences chronicling the complete history of science. By exploring the constant evolution of what “we now know”, our intrepid hosts realize that the more we learn, the more there is yet to discover. Using comedy, puppets, masks, physical theatre, projections, original songs and audience participation, Monster Theatre will explore the discoveries, inventions and innovations of humankind since the dawn of time. It’s history without the boring stuff.

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