Chilliwack Visual Arts Association presents

Grief Work / Hope Work

Watersheds, Rising Tides and Skinboats
Grief Work / Hope Work
Date & Time:

June 28 to August 4, 2018

Gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday from noon to 5:00pm.


O' Connor Group Art Gallery


Free admission


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Grief Work/Hope Work, Watersheds, Rising Tides and Skinboats: Connecting Ecology, Community, Science and Art by artists Erica Grimm, Tracie Stewart, and Sheinagh Anderson.

This series of drawings, paintings, artist books, maguettes, sculptures and soundscapes, which draw analogies between human bodies and bodies of water, and ask questions about climate/ocean change—the most urgent of wicked problems facing humanity today. Predominantly using boat metaphors, these reflect on what it means to be human beings in the 21st Century, explore the radical interconnections between human and ecological issues, and invite the collective grief work/hope work that is necessary in order to consider a new intimacy with the earth. Stumbling along the fault lines between ethics and aesthetics, ecology, community, science and art, these works seek to make sense of a complex issue that affects all life on the planet. Linking doing, being, creating and conserving in concrete entanglements of visceral material, scientific data and embodied sensory perception, these sculptural versions of coracles (the most ancient boat construction known) function as contemporary oracles. We ask how is it possible to stay afloat during a wicked storm?

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 30, 1:00-3:00pm.