Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society presents


Kids Series
Date & Time:

February 12, 2018


HUB International Theatre


All Seats $12

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Duffle Bag Theatre
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With wit and humour for all ages, DuffleBag Theatre charms audiences with their original adaptions of fairy tales and classic stories. They create a magical experience by inviting up audience members to become the stars of the show, making an exciting, interactive, and unique experience for everyone, and this time is no different. Cinderella’s life is storybook perfect. That is, until circumstances force her into a life of drudgery in the home of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But once handsome Prince Charming decides to hold a Royal Ball at the palace, things just might change for our heroine, with a little magical help from her Fairy Godmother. And a pumpkin… don’t forget the pumpkin. Is Cinderella destined for a “happily ever after”? If the shoe fits… literally!

Meet DuffleBag Theatre from DuffleBag Theatre on Vimeo.

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