Spring Break Art Camps for Kids

Spring Break Art Camps for Kids
Date & Time:

Week One - March 19 to 23, 2018
Week Two - March 26 to 29, 2018


Chilliwack Cultural Centre


Classes are $37.50 each for the whole week!
$30 each for the shorter second week.

Choose one class and your child will take part in that activity at that time for the full week.

Call the Box Office for booking info 604-391-SHOW(7469)


Kids! Get ready to use your imagination and develop your creative spirit!

Registration Information: The Centre’s flexible schedule lets you choose the format for your kids’ camp experience. Register for a week of a single class, two per day, or sign up for the full day of fun and creativity all week long!

Each day is split into six time slots, with two classes taking place in each slot. Choose one class and your child will take part in that activity at that time for the full week.

Contact the Centre Box Office at 604-391-SHOW(7469) to register!

Class descriptions are listed after the schedule.

Classes run from 8:30am to 4:15pm with supervisor breaks.
Parents are responsible for their child’s lunch and refreshments (a water bottle is also recommended).

5 to 7 year olds - top row
8 to 11 year olds - bottom row



Spring Break 2018 – Class Descriptions:

All About Uke (5-7)

This fun and interactive class gives students the chance to learn to play the ukulele in a relaxed group setting. (In partnership with The Chilliwack Academy of Music)

Anime Illustration (8-11)
Learn how to draw characters in this popular style!

Art Around the World (5-7) (8-11)
Art is universal – discover how artists in other countries and cultures express themselves!

A-Pickin’ & A-Grinnin’ (8-11)
Guitars are provided in this introduction to music! Ever wanted to strum along to your favourite songs? Have fun learning the basic chords and melodies in this beginner’s class and discover the exciting word of guitar! (In partnership with The Chilliwack Academy of Music)

Artaquarium (5-7)
Take a dive under the sea with this underwater-themed crafts class! Use your imagination to create a range of artwork inspired by the sea.

Castles & Quests (5-7)
Delve into a land of dragons, magic, knights and princesses with these exciting fantasy themed craft sessions.

Cosmic Kids (5-7)
Blast off into outer space with out-of-this-world space crafts! Create a variety of artwork inspired by the sun, stars, rocket ships and more!

Cross Stitch for Beginners (8-11)
Learn the basics of cross stitch and begin to create your own designs!

Darling Disney Crafts (5-7)
Princesses, beasts, talking snowmen and chipped teacups come to life with perler beads, yarn and more!

Digital Photography (8-11)
Discover the hidden details and share your point of view. If you have always wanted to be a photographer this is the class for you!

Dramarama (8-11)
Discover the fun of the theatre in this introductory class – props and costumes combine with theatre games to let you explore your dramatic side!

Fibre Fun! (8-11)
Fibre is a very versatile material – monsters, dolls, art, jewelry, toys…the things you can make with string, yarn, twine and a bit of time are endless!

Footloose! (5-7) (8-11)
In this fast-paced, fun class, learn hip hop and jazz technique. Find your rhythm and pick up some funky dance moves!

Hand Sewing for Beginners (5-7) (8-11)
Get familiar with needle and thread while you learn to create small stuffies, gifts and more with card board, felt, embroidery thread, yarn, fabric and your own imagination.

From iTunes to iUke! Learn the songs from today’s Top 40 playlists–on the ukulele!

Knitting for Beginners (8-11)
Learn to knit and you learn a life skill! Knitting is an age-old art that ensures you’ll never be cold or without a gift idea again! Join the ranks of knitters and stitch up your own scarf, cosy, hat – what are you waiting for?

Magic Mud (5-7)
You will have a chance to work with wet clay, to draw and paint on bisqueware and even have the opportunity to collaborate on a group installation.

Making Puppets (5-7) (8-11)
Puppetry is one of the world’s oldest art forms – almost 3000 years old! Join our instructor in creating a variety of puppets using shadow boxes, socks and fabric and more!

Minecraft Arts (5-7)
Step away from the computer to make real life pixel art that mimics your most unbelievable designs in Minecraft. Bring perspective drawing, sculpture and more into your creations!

Minion Madness (5-7)
Draw on the energy of the hit movie’s signature characters with this Minion-themed arts and crafts class! Use a variety of tools and materials to bring these iconic stars to life.

Mud Slingers (8-11)
Experience the fun ceramics has to offer in this dynamic clay adventure!

Pokemon Party! (5-7) (8-11)
If you don’t have enough Pokemon – make your own! Create masks, bookmarks, zipper pulls and even take home a paper Pokemon or two!

Printmaking (8-11)
Combine ink and a variety of stencils and other materials to discover how you can create your very own art!

Superhero Headquarters (5-7)
Unleash your inner crime fighter with this week of superhero themed projects. Students will let their imaginations run wild and create a range of artwork inspired by their favourite superhero. Buckle up your utility belts – it’s crafting time!

Theatre Peeps (5-7)
Spend a week with costumes and props, improv games and role-playing!

Who’s Behind the Mask? (5-7)
Step into another character’s shoes by putting on a new face! Make a plan for becoming a variety of creatures and people and use supplies from our craft vault to bring the masks to life!


Parent Information:

Can a child be picked up by a friend or relative? Yes – a child may be picked up by a responsible adult at the parents’ discretion. Please provide the name of the person and their relationship to your child at the time of drop off. Children will not be released without written permission. Supervised drop off and pick up available from 8am to 4:30pm.

Medical information: Please provide basic medical information regarding your child.

Photography: Photographs may be taken of classes and workshops to be used exclusively for The Centre’s promotional materials. At the time of drop off parents have the opportunity to opt-out if they do not wish for their child to be photographed. These photos will not be lent or sold to any outside party.

Lost Property: Your child is responsible for all items and belongings they bring to camp. For this reason The Centre does not advise that children bring items of value with them. For any questions regarding lost property, contact The Centre Box Office’s Lost & Found.

Can I stay and watch my child’s class? No – adults are not able to attend the
regular classes. Some classes do conclude with a final session in which instructors invite parents to observe a performance or presentation. This will be arranged with the instructor if applicable.

Lunch & Refreshments: Parents are responsible for their child’s lunch and refreshments (a water bottle is also recommended). Supervised breaks take place throughout the day.