Intro to Art Fundamentals

Intro to Art Fundamentals
Date & Time:

Thursday (8 sessions)
1:00 - 3:00pm
January 24 – March 14, 2019


Chilliwack Cultural Centre



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(Adult, Beginner)

Try adding something new to your acrylic toolbox with pen, ink and conte crayons!

This fun, eight week course will be an introduction to some of the fundamentals of Art. Drawing will be explored through various exercises and techniques, using pencil, ink and conte crayon. An understanding of colour will be developed through the use of colour mixing with paint. Students will use what they have learned to create a final painting project in acrylic paint.

• Basic materials will be provided, but student may supplement additional supplies if they wish.

Instructed by:

Dan Berube
Light and our perception of it are at the core of Dan’s work. His brilliant watercolours are both spontaneous and detailed in their depiction of light. His commissioned pieces are highly prized by collectors for their detail and accuracy. Dan enjoys instructing people of all ages in Art.

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